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ROI stands for:
"Result-Oriented Intelligence"

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A business has no reason to exist other than economics. It continues to exist because it is useful to its environment, i.e. it delivers added value to the market. Likewise, people in a business have no other reason to be there than to contribute to generate its added value, and get compensated for it.
Hence, it would be natural that setting any employee a goal was done in terms of added value, and that the employee’s performance be measured in terms of actual added value. Since added value is assessed in dollars, an employee’s added value must be assessed in dollars in the same way.
Business executives would then be able to set financial goals in terms of added value for each division or department, each job position, and down to each employee. The benefit is obvious: gaining full control of the business’ economics at all times through each employee. All employees then become as many added value centers, being no longer a cost center only.

The more people a business has, the greater the gain in time-to-adapt; hence the business reactivity is dramatically increased. Performance, competitiveness, and profitability can be kept under control on the short term as well as on the long term.

ROI-Force™ is the only software on the market that is capable of measuring individual added values (in dollars), and turning each employee into an added value center.


If one could identify and knowingly use their own intelligence processes, i.e. their own cause-and-effect logic, one could increase their performance and meet their added value goals in an economical way, while adapting efficiently.
That becomes true with ROI-Force™; executives will then be able to implement changes in a time-effective manner, and to draw from each employee’s innovative capability in order to continuously increase the business’ performance.

ROI-Force™ is the only software on the market that is capable of identifying any person’s own intelligence processes, enabling each and every employee to generate a greater added value in a time-and-effort effective way.


Old attempts to build up added value algorithms and data bases were primarily focused on inference engines and on collating experience data bases. All of those research approaches failed, as they turned out being far too complex.
Growthberry instead embarked upon researching universal bases for assessing the added value produced by any function, regardless of what kind of trade a business is in. That research ended up with developing ROI-Force™, a unique software that affordably brings to fruition over 25 years of scientific research and real-life experimenting into each company or organization.

ROI-Force™ is the only enterprise software that is capable of processing absolutely all job positions in any organization, well beyond the core of its trade.


Individual added value algorithms will use all data that are available in an organization. Since those algorithms deal with all job positions, and with each employee’s activity, they address the activity of the whole organization. Data being used will be collected from accounting data bases as well as from ERP and CRM sources. If techniques such as Strategic Operations Planning, Strategy Management, Human Capital Management, Risk Management, Knowledge Management, Innovation Management, Enterprise Decision Management, Business Process Management, Best Practice, Learning Organization, etc. the relevant data will also be taken into account.

ROI-Force™ is the only software that is capable of processing all data available in a business to compute individual added values, thus making it a Data Meta-Integrator.

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